Free Stock Photo: Ancient architecture glazed tile


Free Ancient Architecture Glazed Tile Stock Photography - 8277482
Ancient architecture glazed tile

Glazed tile is a very solid building materials, waterproof performance, architecture and some important royal building will be substantial use of glass brick. Color glazed tile crisp, rich color, have yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, red and so on. In general, yellow, and green and blue to use more, and yellow for the most noble, only at the Imperial Palace, state, and other main building on坛庙. Is at the Imperial Palace, the building are not all with yellow glazed tiles, in the Palace and the temples, generally should not use yellow glazed tile roofs. Qing Emperor Yongzheng, the Emperor authorized the Confucius Temple can use all the yellow glazed tiles, in order to show the best option Confucianism.
30.89cm x 23.2cm@300dpi
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