Are your images free of charge?

Once you register, you are offered a complimentary free trial week to try our images. This trial gives you unlimited access to our 4,066,608 free images database and you can download as many web size images as you wish. You are also awarded a certain number of high res images each day throughout the free trial period. Once this free trial expires, you can opt for any of our inexpensive plans and continue your downloads from our amazing image database.

Are your images free of copyright?

All our images are copyrighted by their authors. Downloading the images will automatically grant you a license/usage permission - the Royalty Free license - and you can use the images according to the license specifications.

This is a single-seat license - it is granted in perpetuity and it allows you to use the images. This license allows you to on web sites, in magazines, newspapers, books or booklets, for book covers, flyers, application software programs (apps), to make fine art prints or any other advertising and promotional material, in either printed or electronic media etc.

How do I download the images?

To download images, you need to register and have an active account. Once you've registered for the account, you can browse, search and download images by simply clicking on the image you want to download. There will be a 'Download' tab available on the image detail page. Use this tab and save the image in your computer. The download is instant once you hit the download button.

My activation code does not work. Why is that and what should I do?

If you cannot click on the activation code, then please copy paste the link in your browser and load the page. Also, if you click on the activation code more than once, you may get the message "invalid parameters", although the account was already activated. Try to login and, if you encounter difficulties, contact support.

I never received my activation code. What should I do?

After registration you should receive an account activation code by email in approximately 15 minutes. Please check your spam filters and email security settings and make sure our messages are not blocked. If you still cannot find this confirmation message, please contact support.

I cannot remember my login. How do I retrieve it?

If you cannot remember your login details, please use the form for forgotten passwords in the top right side of the screen once you access our home page.

How can I delete my account?

If you have no activity on our site (downloads or purchases), you can delete your account at any time from your profile page which can be accessed in the top right side corner of the screen after login. If you have activity but no longer wish to use the account, we can disable and remove it from our online database at request. Please contact support for this.

I do not want to renew. How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to ensure our clients enjoy our services and downloads without interruption, the automatic renewal is usually set as ON. This is mentioned after each purchase/transaction you make, free trial included. To change your payment profile at any time, please see your profile page in the top right side corner of the screen once you login: https://www.stockfreeimages.com/profile.html.

To reach your profile page, please login and click on the username in the top right corner of the screen. Subscriptions renew on a periodic basis, based on the term that you choose (e.g., weekly), at the rate disclosed at the time of purchase and are billed to the payment method associated with your user account up to 48 hours in advance of the current subscription period end date. Discount and promo plans renew at regular rates, unless specified otherwise.

You say it is free yet you want my card details. Why?

In order for you to enjoy this content without interruption, the renewal is defaulted as on. This means that once your free trial expires, you may continue your downloads with one of our inexpensive plans. The card details are required for this reason. Of course, this is optional and you may cancel your subscription at any time from your profile page. To reach your profile page, please login and click on the username in the top right corner of the screen

Why are you asking me to pay?

All content is provided by professional photographers/artists and has been carefully reviewed by our editors. Also, each downloaded comes with a proper usage permission, the Royalty free license and model releases attached where required. The small amounts we charge for our subscriptions allow us to pay fair royalties to our talented contributors and ensure they are rewarded for their work. It also motivates them to upload fresh new content for you to enjoy each week. We offer inexpensive subscriptions with unlimited free access to all web size images and daily quota downloads for high resolution files.

What can I use your images for?

You can use our images for a variety of purposes. The standard Royalty free license for instance allows you to illustrate websites , decorate you home or office, create advertising posters, flyers, postcards and any other promotional material of this type, create unique interior designs, illustrate books and CD covers and booklets , illustrate magazine articles and covers or newspapers , create wrappings for different products, create posters for humanitarian campaigns or social campaigns , create company presentations. Using the images for any print or electronic item incorporating the media in an essential manner meant for sale or distribution is not allowed.