About Free Images Licenses

Welcome to StockFreeImages, your go-to resource for high-quality images. Here, we aim to clarify how you can utilize our extensive database of free images, understand the licensing agreements, and manage your account and subscriptions.

Free Trial and Access to Images

Upon registering with us, you're greeted with a complimentary free trial week, offering unlimited access to our database of 4,066,602 free images. During this trial, you can download as many web-sized images as you desire and are also entitled to a daily quota of high-resolution images. After the trial period, you can choose from our affordable plans to continue enjoying our vast image collection.

Copyright and Licensing

All images on StockFreeImages are copyrighted by their authors. Downloading images grants you a Royalty-Free license, allowing for a wide range of uses.

You can use our images for a variety of purposes. The standard Royalty free license for instance allows you to illustrate websites , decorate you home or office, create advertising posters, flyers, postcards and any other promotional material of this type, create unique interior designs, illustrate books and CD covers and booklets , illustrate magazine articles and covers or newspapers , create wrappings for different products, create posters for humanitarian campaigns or social campaigns , create company presentations. Using the images for any print or electronic item incorporating the media in an essential manner meant for sale or distribution is not allowed.

Downloading Images

To download images, you must first register and maintain an active account. After registration, simply browse, search, and click on the image you wish to download. Use the 'Download' tab on the image detail page for instant downloads.

Account and Subscription Management

  • Activation Code Issues: If your activation code does not work, copy and paste the link directly into your browser. If you still encounter issues, log in or contact support.
  • Lost Activation Code: Check your spam filters if you haven't received your code within 15 minutes post-registration. Contact support if necessary.
  • Forgotten Login: Use the forgotten password form on our homepage for assistance.
  • Account Deletion: Accounts with no activity can be deleted anytime from your profile page. Active accounts can be disabled upon request.
  • Subscription Cancellation: Subscriptions auto-renew by default to ensure uninterrupted service. You can manage or cancel your subscription from your profile page.

Payment and Renewal Policies

Your card details are requested for seamless transition into a paid plan post-trial, which is optional. Our charges allow us to fairly compensate our contributors, ensuring a constant stream of new content for your enjoyment.

Image Usage

Our Royalty-Free license permits a diverse array of uses, from web and interior design to advertising and editorial content. However, direct sale or distribution of media incorporating our images in an essential manner is prohibited.

For further inquiries or support, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Enjoy exploring and using our extensive collection of images for your creative and promotional needs at StockFreeImages.