Bride’s Price

Bride’s price

Some people also call the bride’s price bride's dowry. It is either pre-agreed during the wedding negotiations or the bride’s parents may leave it to the groom’s side to decide. It is usually presented in a red packet or wrapped in a special red cloth. Even amounts are presented. For average income families, $600 to $2,000 are commonly given. The groom’s side will usually prepare slightly more than the pre-agreed amount. A portion is expected to be returned to indicate that the groom’s family is overly generous, the bride’s family is not greedy, and the two families will share their good fortune. For example, the groom may present a red packet of $1,200; the bride’s parents may keep $800 and return the balance in the red packet. Some will include the bride’s price with the betrothal gifts whereas some will only present it when the groom fetches the bride on the wedding day.