South View Of The Treasury Building Brisbane Ca 1904

South View of the Treasury Building Brisbane ca 1904

Photographer: unidentified Location: Brisbane Description: The Treasury Building, at the corner of George and Queen Streets, was erected in three stages between 1886 and 1928. In 1883 a design competition for a two-storeyed building was won by Melbourne architects Grainger and D'Ebro. However this design was never used as the Queensland Colonial Architect, John James Clark, argued that the site warranted a four-storeyed complex. Clark's own design, entered in the competition prior to his appointment, was used. When completed in September 1889, the new building was occupied by the Premier, Colonial secretary, Registrar-General, Treasury, Mines, Works, Police and Auditor-General. Stage two which completed the Elizabeth Street section was commenced almost immediately and was completed by February 1893. This new wing was occupied by the Registrar of Titles, Justice, Works, Public Instruction and the State Savings Bank. Work on the third state commenced in 1922 and officially opened in 1928, providing expanded accommodation for the existing tenants. The building is now home to an international casino and restaurants. View this page at the State Library of Queensland Information about State Library of Queensland’s collection: